Fuji Xerox operate with sustainability front of mind, committed to environmentally responsible design.  This commitment spans more than three decades.

Fuji Xerox products have won the Japan Energy Conservation Awards for eleven consecutive years.  Fuji Xerox are the only company in the print/copy industry to be recognised and awarded so consistently.

Local focus

Because of this commitment, the Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania is proud to be associated with these products.

Furthermore, our own policy is to provide customers with the best document solution to meet their needs, with the least environmental impact.

As a result, we participate in the Fuji Xerox Dealer Sustainability Program and contribute at the local level, equalling the high standards set by Fuji Xerox Corporation.

During the course of 2017 we responsibly disposed of some 273 devices and peripherals (including some opposition machines). As reported, no devices went to landfill during this time.

Award winning approach

Our work in minimising waste to landfill and recycling parts, consumables and end of life hardware saw us awarded overall winner of the Fuji Xerox Dealer Sustainability Program in 2009/2010. We repeated this success again in 2010/2011.  In 2012 we won the Best Sustainability Project award.

Our organisations has embedded sustainability as part of the day to day business.  It is simply the way we do business now. Sustainability champions exist in each area of the business. These champions monitor and record waste and recycling information and report on this on a regular basis.

Rest assured when you use Fuji Xerox equipment you are not only getting prints of the highest possible quality, you are also contributing to our world and reducing your own carbon footprint.

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