Late in 2016 Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania launched our Good Neighbours Policy.

In 2017 we began a project to build a community school in the village of Batusesa.  Batusesa lies at the foot of Mount Agung, a very poor rural area of Bali, Indonesia.

The village had  undertaken some fundraising and begun construction of the school.  Unfortunately money ran out after not much more than the foundations had been laid.

Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania funded the remaining construction works. We now contribute to the ongoing operation of the school for the next 5 years.  The school is up and operating.  Dealer Principle Keirran Downham has visited the village and experienced first hand how this project has impacted the community.

This comparatively small investment has made a tremendous difference to the lives and prospects of the whole village. The children (and some adults) are getting an education and the community school has  become a centre for people to learn practical skills to make items to sell into the tourist trade.

In 2018 staff from The Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania will visit the village.  These staff will also experience the positive impact the school has made to this community and see where their fundraising efforts have been used.