For the past decade, the Fuji Xerox Business Centre, Tasmania has played an active role in community engagement. This includes sponsorship of various sporting clubs and events and providing assistance to various worthy causes. In addition, our sustainability program includes a Community Involvement Section.  This encourages us to seek and develop community engagement projects andensures our ongoing commitment to being a good corporate citizen.

The Hobart Women’s Shelter & White Ribbon

Through our involvement with the Hobart Women’s Shelter we are raising awareness of violence against women. We have also joined them to support the White Ribbon program.

The Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania has become the first privately owned business in Tasmania to achieve White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation. Our Dealer Principal, Keirran Downham, has become a White Ribbon Ambassador and currently sits on the board of the Hobart Women’s Shelter.

To share a little more joy and fun in our community, we also run a program to provide presents to all children under 16 who are living at any women’s shelter in Tasmania over the Christmas period. We have also extended this to include children in similar circumstances in all the Melbourne Women’s Shelters. In total nearly 1000 stockings, each containing 25 items, were provided.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Additionally, we partner with the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in their Save the Devil campaign. Bonorong are spearheading the fight to save the Tasmanian Devil which has almost been wiped out by cancerous facial tumours. Bonorong are doing an incredible job of raising awareness in the general community of the Devil’s plight, particularly among school children. We assist in the printing of their brochures and other publicity material associated with the campaign.

Mailhouse Tasmania

Finally, our long term relationship with Mailhouse Tasmania (a Division of Oak Tasmania) provides a wide range of support and employment services for people with disabilities in Tasmania. They currently manage our waste toner container recycling and document destruction programs and we are looking to increase these partnerships.